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“Minimalist puzzling with a unique mechanic” …Appzoom.com
“Origin … leave your brain puzzled” …Apppicker.com
“Solving Pretty Looking Puzzles”…. nineoverten.com
*** UPDATE ***
Now videos ads are played only if the player asks it. We still need your support though. Have good game.*** DISCLAIMER – UPDATE DONE ***
Hi guys.
We made the update so the ads integrate more smoothly with the overall game experience.
We hope you can enjoy the game at his max now.
Thanks again for all your positive feedback.
We are trying to release games that the players can enjoy and we take their feedback into considerations. We are a small indie studio and for now, the ads are the only way for us to provide free to play games. You can also remove them with a purchase from the settings.
If you rate the game, please leave a commentary also as it help us to find out what people like or dislike.
Yes reviews are important and can really affect the life of small companies like us.
Don’t forget, the Initial pack is only for training. If it’s too easy for you move on to the next pack.
Wish you all nice games.

Origin will tackle your brain in a different way than Brainsquare.
Easier to grasp, so it seems…
Rules are the same, link all pins of the same colors with their corresponding square tiles to solve each board.
Logic and ability to see forward is still required to complete the level.
And you get all the levels for FREE.
Don’t forget, the Initial pack is only for training. If it’s too easy for you move on to the next pack.
Complete the levels in the number of moves allowed for each level, and share them on Facebook, especially if you manage to beat the minimum moves allowed.
– Nice and addictive gameplay
– Growing difficulty and smooth progression
– More than 350 levels for free
– Lighter theme
– Relaxing music (or put the music that best fit your taste)
– Thinking and brain game
– Parking Lot like game
– One touch to rule them all

What’s New
Allow player to refused watching video ads
Fix some latency issues happening on some device
Additional information
10,000 – 50,000
Current Version
Requires Android
2.2 and up
Content Rating


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