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Dune 2 is a Westwood Studios game put together back in 1992, and it’s probably best known for being the prototypical RTS, one of the first games to put together all of the elements that later led to the genre that made StarCraft and Command & Conquer so popular. An open-source recreation of the game was started up a few years ago, and that version has now been ported to Android.This version is authentic. It’s a nice trip down memory lane, or maybe just a free introduction to a piece of PC gaming history.
Powered by OpenDUNE, SDL, libSDL.
Note (<0.90): Use keyboard icon in top left corner to enter text in game.

What’s New
* 0.85: Always keep screen on
* 0.86: Fix issue with dragging map
* 0.86: Add little offset when placing structures
* 0.87: Add russian language
* 0.88: Send enter key when closing virtual keyboard
* 0.89: Fix crashes on Android <2.3.3
* 0.89: Increase limit of structures count
* 0.90: Virtual keyboard shows automatically
* 0.91: Fix some crashes
* 0.92: Fix issue#13 (music stops playing)
* 0.93: Fix hangs on some devices
* 0.94: Replace advertisement with donate
Additional information
1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Current Version
Requires Android
1.6 and up
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    Thank you for your great job. Nevertheless the game is not more available on googleplay : why ?
    “direct” links are advertisement links that links nowhere…
    What do you plan to do to put it again on google play ?
    Where can I finally get your fabulous job ?
    thank you

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