Flexy Frogs Full Free v1.0 Apk – Android Games (by Mango Publishing)

Download Full Free Flexy Frogs Full Free v1.0 Apk – Android Games (by Mango Publishing)

The adorable little Flexy Frogs, stretchy green frog-like animals, have been scattered! Make sure they’re safe by grouping them back together in each level. How do you do that? Simple, you pull their tails back, let ‘em go, and watch them bounce around! Think carefully, because you only have a limited number of moves to make them group back together.
Frog-flinging fun
– Pull back on their tails, let go, and fling ‘em forward! If you know how to fling a rubber band, you know how to fling a FlexyFrog, except you only need one finger for a Flexy.

Group them all, safe and sound
– In each level, your goal is to make all of the little Flexy Frogs group up into one big Flexy Frog. When one Flexy touches another, they’ll merge and form a larger Flexy.

The thinking frog’s physics puzzle game
– Plan your moves carefully, since you can only fling the Flexies a certain number of times in each level. Aim well, bounce off walls, avoid traps, use items, and win!

Collect atoms to increase your score
– It may be easy to finish most levels, but can you finish the levels AND collect the three atoms scattered around each one? If you can do that, you’ll increase your score & prove you’re a Flexy Frog’s best friend! You also need to collect a certain number to unlock the next set of levels.

Interact with items, avoid traps
– You’ll have to help the Flexies avoid traps in each level, such as fire or splitters than break larger Flexies back into smaller ones. (Hint: sometimes you DO want to get split!) You’ll also need to help them use items, like keys, switches, and teleporters.

Their natural enemy: Grugs
– Oh, if only the Flexies could live in peace and quiet, but noooo, their natural predator, the purple, spiky creatures called Grugs, are here to hunt them down! A larger Grug can eat a smaller Flexy….but likewise a larger Flexy can eat a smaller Grug! Help the Flexies turn the tables!

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10,000 – 50,000
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2.3 and up
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