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Greenify 3.2.2 Latest
Requirements: Android 4.4+, Rooted Devices
Overview: Greenify is best hibernation application that is different then other task killers and provides best services for hibernation with very less CPU and RAM usage

Greenify APK rooting software supports you classify and put the disobeying apps into hibernation when you are not using them, to stop them from lagging your smartphone or tablet and leeching the battery in an exclusive way. They can do zero without obvious launch by you or other apps, while still stabilizing full functionality when running in background alike to iOS apps. APK Greenify never ever gathers your private data despite the ability of availability facility and it just earns benefit of it to systematize things.

Complete Features:
Different than “Freeze” function of TitaniumBackup Pro that completely disable the app, you can still use your app as normal, share data with it. No need to freeze & DE frozen it at all
Not like “Autostarts”, you can get advantage from nearly all of its rewards, without demanding to deal with the difficulty and danger of obscure app modules, and never misplace functionality when app is aggressively running and this is all because of Greenify application for root
Nothing like any Task Killer and your smartphone will not ever fall into the cat-mouse-game of stealthy-running and violent killing, which gratuitously drinks more battery power.
If you like Greenify then consider its (donation package) that includes following extra untried features:
Greenify system APK apps without Xposed
Let GCM push for hibernated apps and Wake-up timer merging
Notice who woke the hibernated applications and optionally cut off the wake-up path

Some FAQs About Greenify:
Why not support Android 2.x?
Because it seems that programmed hibernation is not functioning with that version.
Some of my greenified software appears not hibernating.
I want to Greenify default core apps!
De-greenified apps still got no push notification.

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Some important things you should know before using Greenify:
Greenifying an app indicates that you are mindful that all the related functionality like service, alarm, widget update, periodic task, event receiver, push message etc. of this app will turn out to be out of service in hibernation not including when you are using that software. Not ever greenify instant messaging, alarm clock apps but for if you don’t rely on them. Please do confirm the impression of greenified apps on which you deeply rely.
You will get following advantages as Equate to other common tools made for the same purpose Greenify offers more and these thing are as follows:
Greenify Rooting APK application does need a background running facility for remote-hibernation to work.
It is made and applied in very lightweight with regular RAM consumption of fewer than 5M and almost zero CPU and battery eating.

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